HPC Global is a USA pen Manufacturer and Supplier to the Promotional Products Industry.  We work with distributors to best meet the Screen Printing and Pad Printing needs of SMB's looking to display their logo on most hard promotional items.  We appreciate you stopping by our site and encourage you to contact us on how we can solve your decorating and imprint needs.  We can connect you with a valued distributors if you are not familiar with your local promotional products or advertising specialty distributor.

HPC Global over 110 years in Pens and Promotional Products.

HPC Global history is steep in pen manufacturing making USA Made pens from the time when pens had wooden handles, metal tips, and you had to dip such into ink wells!  The business started as the Hanover Centershaft Company founded by Ralph Hoke in 1913 with a principal product of “Wooden Penholder” which was the general writing instrument of the time along with the felt paper blotter.  Both items were widely used with advertising imprints.

By the 1940’s the business supply most all the wooden pen holders sold in the USA by leading companies such as Eagle, Dixon, General, and Reliance.  They also made special branded holders for drafting instrument companies like Post, Dietzgen, Hunt, and K & E.

In 1957, William Houghland purchased Hanover Wood Products Company and changed the name to the well-known Hanover Pen Corporation.  Under his leadership, Hanover Pen Corp. was a leader in the pen marketplace adopting ballpoint pen refill into the wooden pen handle in 1959 and later shifting to all Plastic pen handles.  Over the ensuing years, Hanover Pen Company developed and sold many unique products. Since the 1960’s, Hanover Pen Corp. has been a low-cost producer of USA Made writing instruments.

Hanover Pen Corp. was an innovator in the pen market developing the original baseball bat pen, the fuzzy hair topper pens/pencils, and many executive USA-Made styles. 

While we continue to produce our line of USA made products, in 1999 we changed our trade name to HPC Global to reflect our image as a global supplier of promotional products.  We import pens from Europe, India, and the Far East to offer our customers a full range of products and prices. 

In 2010, under than second generation CEO, Robert Houghland, HPC Global registered with the FDA and then began in-house filling and labeling of USA made Hand Sanitizers.  We custom built equipment to fill and label a variety of bottle shapes and sizes.  We have maintained our FDA certification and proudly offer a variety of health and beauty offerings with the finest American Made products at reasonable prices and fast service.

In late 2022, HPC Global and Hanover Pen Corporation were sold and now operate under new ownership. The cornerstone of these businesses has always been and will remain steeped in USA products made with value, excellent service and integrity. New ownership recognized the merits of these businesses and is growing and expanding a strong customer focused team in order to re-integrate and grow the HPC Global to its dominance in the marketplace, while keeping to the strong Heritage of USA made pens. 

To read 100 Years of Ecological Stewardship click here.

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