$80 / Hour
Good work takes time. Art is no different. Our professionally trained staff is committed to providing you with quality art you will be happy with. To ensure your investment produces eye-pleasing results, we charge $80 an hour for art. We strive to make every dollar worth it so that you’re happy with the results. We keep all artwork/logos on file for up to 3 years and we can send your artwork files if needed!


$80 / Hour
Typically, it takes one installer to complete a job in a timely manner, we charge $80 an hour per installer. Sometimes a customer needs a job performed more quickly than one installer can reasonably accomplish, in these instances we would bring in another one of our installers. Sometimes a job is really specific or difficult and requires more hands working on it than just one. Sometime the film being used presents it own unique set of challenges and requires more attention as well. All of these are factored into price, and can be discussed with a sales representative prior to committing to a job.


$30 / Day
Lettering Express understands schedules can be hectic. Upon completed installation, we will hold your vehicle for one week free of charge. After one week has passed, we charge $30 per day to store your vehicle.

Please make arrangements to have your vehicle picked up promptly.


To ensure we complete our jobs in a timely manner, we request customers bring their vehicles cleaned and ready to work on. Surfaces should be smooth and dirt free for optimal installation, free of wax and polish. Having a clean, ready-to-go vehicle allows our installation team to begin work immediately rather than spending costly time cleaning the vehicle. Avoid bringing us vehicles covered in dried mud, dirt or glue, since this greatly slows down the installation process. There is a $100 fee for vehicles that require extensive cleaning prior to installation. This fee is to protect all of our customers, preventing one project from slowing down our weekly workflow.


$30 Minimum
We rely on scheduling to make sure all of our customers’ projects get completed in a timely manner. Once an install is scheduled, we depend on our customers to follow through. We allot specific times for projects so that our business runs smoothly. For this reason, missed appointments are major setbacks to our day-to-day operation. We understand things come up, and that’s why we allow customers to cancel or reschedule within two hours of their scheduled install. All fees are based upon overall job length and complexity. This charge will be added to a customer’s invoice/ticket the next time they come on..

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