Maggie Lyon Chocolatiers

What Makes Maggie Lyon Special? 

Maggie Lyon Chocolatiers is a family owned and operated manufacturer of delicious gourmet quality confections, based outside of Atlanta, GA.  All of our products are manufactured the old fashioned way, utilizing the finest ingredients available, combined with a lot of tender loving care. 

Everything that is truly great in this world is built on a strong foundation.  All of the candies we manufacture begin with only the finest ingredients. When you purchase products from Maggie Lyon, you know it was made from scratch, in our own candy kitchen. 

High speed depositing equipment allows us to deliver a quick turnaround on any size order. 

Every truffle we produce is decorated by hand.  Each of our different truffles has its own unique decoration, so we can distinguish between flavors. 

Machines would crush the tender toffee we manufacture.  It may seem old-fashioned, but nothing is better than breaking the toffee by hand. 

Whether you order 50 boxes or 50,000 boxes, Maggie Lyon will handle your order with the same special attention.  Typically, we produce approximately 10,000 boxes per shift during the Holiday season. 

There is a saying in retail that "people taste with their eyes first, and their mouths second."  Maggie Lyon understands that the finished package is equally as important as the taste and quality of the candy on the inside.