Should the chocolates be stored in a refrigerator?
Chocolates should never be stored in a refrigerator. Normal office temperature (68° - 72° F) will maintain the chocolates in good condition.   Chocolates are affected by both temperature and humidity.  If the chocolate gets to warm, or too cold, it may begin to "bloom".  This is a grayish appearance and makes the piece unattractive, but does not affect the taste.

Can chocolate be frozen?
Yes.  Some manufacturers do freeze their products after manufacturing and before shipping.  Maggie Lyon does not freeze any of our chocolates, we always ship our chocolates fresh.

How should I mail chocolate?
You may ship the chocolates just like you would any fragile item as long as the temperature is below 70°.  We recommend letting us ship the chocolates if the temperature is above 70°  because we have packaging with thermal protection to insure the chocolate arrives in perfect condition.

The chocolate was damaged in shipment (melted, crushed, etc.).  What steps do I take?
Inspect your shipment upon delivery.
Keep all damaged product including shipping cartons.
Call Maggie Lyon Customer Service.

Contact Maggie Lyon Customer Service at (800) 969-3500