Built over time, YOUR BRAND holds immeasurable value.  It represents the advertising centerpiece of your organization and its public persona.  When professionally managed and properly placed in the public eye, brand imagery can greatly enhance your organization’s value and success.

Product based advertising personalizes a brand with human engagement.  Whether through placement of MODULAR DISPLAYS in high traffic areas, front line staff wearing LOGOED APPAREL or selective PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS distributed at a conference or special event; product advertising personalizes your brand.  And when done well, these products continue to deliver brand reflections beyond most other forms of advertising. 

Most consumer engagements offer a great opportunity for product-based advertising.  When planning such events, select a company that understands brand value and is passionate about your success.  With every project, McGRAPHIX Advertising Products persistently works to optimize outcomes and enhance brand value, while remaining passionate about your success. From high quality MODULAR DISPLAY PRODUCTS and PREMIUM STAFF APPAREL to a superior line of PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS, we professionally manage every project to support your every success. 



This area of our website delivers a significant product resource for indexed APPAREL, PROMOTIONAL and TENT, DISPLAY & SIGN products. All other product areas of our website are loaded into this section, allowing for the results-oriented SORT, QUICK and ADVANCED SEARCH capabilities.



Staff & Event Apparel delivers an immediate brand identity impact.  With thoughtful decisions regarding quality, color, style and decorative branding coordination, the results leave lasting effects with targeted audiences.   

Our APPAREL index offers premium to value-based solutions to suit most apparel requirements.  It showcases (75+) industry suppliers specializing in fashion and tactical apparel solutions, featuring both retail and industry brands.  Selecting the Imprint Information tab on a selected product page will state whether the unit price includes printing or embroidery.  If not, submit the product information to us and we can quickly generate a value-added price.   

Click, Search and Identify product solutions or simply contact us to discuss your apparel program requirements.  We can tailor budgets and options to suit your program needs.  



PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS are the product component of Mobile Advertising, engaging not only the recipient, but all those in their physical network.  Through acceptance, a personal connection is established adding a brand ambassador.  Done well, no other form of advertising has the lasting impact of promotional products. 

For your brand marketing success, we offer innumerable popular products, ranging from low cost high-volume for short-term market saturation to select premium products for long-term brand impact and consumer loyalty.  Behind this abundance is a supply chain comprised of highly rated industry suppliers receiving high marks for quality, communications and performance.   Coupled with our decades of project management experience, your expectations are consistently met with ON-TIME and ON-BUDGET results.   

For high-end brand-on-brand retention initiatives, available retail names include Bettoni, Bouton, Brookstone, Camelbak, Carhartt, Citizen, Cross, Cutter & Buck, High Sierra, Nalgene, Nike, Oakley, Ray-Ban, Scripto, Stanley, Under Armour, Waterford, Wenger and more.



With advances in digital printing, the MODULAR DISPLAY PRODUCT sector has become the most expansive and growing segment of the advertising industry.  These large platforms draw significant attention in high traffic, conference and festival spaces.  From event tents and banner retractors to table covers, interior and exterior signage to trade show and media floor displays, flags, facility mats and more, these products dominate message management strategies in targeted traffic environments.   



For professional management and assistance with your next advertising initiative, let us provide a SUPERIOR OVERALL EXPERIENCE

Our portfolio includes:

       A Talented Staff

       Significant Industry Experience

       Professional Project Management

       Extensive Communications

       Volume Discounts

       Global Reach & Logistics Capability



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Let us help you.  Contact us via sales@mcgraphixinc.com and tell us what you need.  We have network access capabilities beyond the limits of our website, which helps us ID most client requirements. 



The CART feature allows for easy accumulation of specific products.  To access, select the blue REQUEST INFO button on each product catalog page.  A subsequent NOTES TEXT BOX is provided to include relevant production information, i.e. quantity, image references, imprint particulars.  Once complete, select the Add to Cart button at the bottom of the page.   

In the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT sequence, other than Contact information, nothing further is required to complete and submit using this tool.   Upon receipt, McGRAPHIX Advertising Products will review and begin the communications necessary to develop the project budget document.



McGRAPHIX Advertising Products offers discounted pricing beyond the unit prices displayed here. Many are volume dependent, starting at the $999.00 product purchase level.  For complete information, feel free to submit product items and estimated quantity levels via our cart or email.   

Subsequent to receipt, we will seek clarifications and move to prepare a proposal document.  Once complete, this is emailed for review, approval and ordering. 

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