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Literally thousands of items are available through Halo Branded Solutions. If you don’t see what you are looking for or would like to browse for more ideas, please visit www.halo.com/kara-briney or contact Kara Briney at kara.briney@halo.com.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a NON-INVENTORY WEBSITE.  Please pay attention to the MINIMUM ORDER requirements for each item.  Minimums can vary from a single item to several multiples.  Because this is a non-inventory website, decorated items are made to order and may not be returned.  All decorated item sales are final.


Dennis Gerlich
PH: 713-579-9310
FX: 713-462-2501
E-Mail: dennis.gerlich@halo.com

Kara Briney
PH: 713-579-9307
FX: 713-462-2501
E-Mail: kara.briney@halo.com

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