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Screen Printing is a printing technique that uses woven mess to support in blocking stencil to receive an image.  It is the process of fusing a mesh based stencil to apply ink for printing on T-Shirts, Jackets, ect.


Digitizing is the way of storing images in a form suitable for computer processing so that logo's can be embroidered on garments.


Laser Engraving is a process using lasers to engrave on special objects.


Dye Sublimation Printing, this process uses a computer printer that uses heat transfer dye onto materials such as plastic, cards, paper or fabrics.


Event Planning we take care of organizing all components of making your special event a success, whether it is launching of a new product, special corporate events, or corporate Christmas Party, finding the right venue ect.


Graphic Department we have Graphic designers on staff to help create a new logo or for vectoring a logo.


Overseas Shipping wherever your event is taking place, we can arrange shipping of your corporate promo items worldwide.

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