Creative Services

Our hugely talented creative team can develop your concept and create stunning designs across any media channels. We specialize in corporate branding & design for print and packaging.


Our production experts will take your original files and then ensure that they are prepared in precisely the correct way, to guarantee optimum printing results.

There are "just a few" things that we'll worry about for you: From concept development, visual renders, material selection, identifying the appropriate manufacturer, quality assurance, compliance, duties & tariffs, shipping, and final delivery!  Producing a really unique branded product can be a huge challenge - but this is what we've been doing for decades, we get it!


Fortunately, since PrintManiax Inc. are specialists in this space, we have huge amounts of experience and will accommodate all of the intricacies of product sourcing, specialist printing, manufacturing, and fulfillment for you.


Here's our approach:


  1. If you have a product or idea for one that you need sourced, then just tell us what you want: size, shape, material, color, and other considerations can be all up to you. Or, if you aren't sure what you want exactly, then just leave the details to us. We will use our expertise to support you in delivering the perfect products for your brand or company.
  2. Once all of your requirements are figured out, we'll take your specifications and identify the most effective manufacturing solution from our roster of on-shore and off-shore partners. We have trusted partnerships with specialists in every product category and will identify the perfect producer to ensure that you get exactly what you want in the most cost-effective way.
  3. PrintManiax Inc. will create an estimate for your project, which will include production, shipping and fulfillment, as well as a provisional time-line. If your your budget is limited then we're often able to review designs or other scope requirements with you, in order to identify a framework that is more than satisfactory.


That's pretty much it! We'll share design concepts and visual renders of your products with you, and after approval we'll oversee the production of your branded products. For large or complex projects, we'll very likely provide you a pre-production sample to review and approve prior to the main production run. We'll also ensure shipping of the items to your required location, whether that's a distributor or your HQ.  We pride ourselves on providing a full-service experience and using our assets to customize and source the exact product you need. PrintManiax Inc. offers Design & Consultancy services also, so we'd be only too happy to help design your product, manage or align with your marketing needs, or anything else you may need to develop an optimum branded experience.


PrintManiax Inc. can assure you: "tell us what you need and we'll take the headache out of producing it".  #brandyouranything