ABOUT Results By Objective International, Inc./ROI Performance Group

Since 1984, we have delivered innovative, high-value solutions to some of the nation’s largest (and smallest) organizations, including Hewlett-Packard, The Federal Reserve Bank, Chick-Fil-A, McKesson, and many others; both large and to one to two person start-ups.

Working together, like geese in flight, ROIPG works with our clients to determine how best to reach the target audience (for geese, the pond), and then analyzes each approach's success afterward. This way, our clients know how effective the program was, as well as where to focus future efforts. We emphasize providing real value with a positive impact on both the target audience and on your bottom line.

We are passionate about Delivering Results Worth Counting.

With a mission to deliver measurable results as our guiding light, our work has expanded to include safety, wellness and tools to reduce and eliminate costly distractions, keeping your staff safe, healthy and productive.

Don’t see it? Please ask, and tell us What We Can Do For You!

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