Shelter Swag

Shelter Swag works with shelters and rescues to help 501(c)3 organizations get the custom marketing materials and swag they need to promote their brand and message at the best price. Shelters can get their own branded items using Shelter Swag's designs or their own. 

  • We share Shelter Swag designs with animal shelters and rescues, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel for your promotional product designs if you don't want to - or have the time to!

  • We listen to animal groups, research new products and work hard to make sure that we offer only quality products -- and eco items when available -- that shelters truly need so you don't have to sift through thousands of items.

  • We're always drawing on napkins, bouncing ideas off other animal lovers and keeping an eye out for artists and designers who have that unique swag-er that is perfect for a new Shelter Swag design -- which then becomes available to Swag Pack Co-Op members to use to help save animals

  • We invite top shelters to share ways they’ve successfully engaged with their supporters, items that sparked engagement and how we can make those good ideas and items accessible to you

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