File Guidelines

File Guidelines

For Print Ready files:
    Specify trim area with crop marks (Don't place crop marks inside the work area)

Artwork should have 1/8" (0.125") bleed* from trim line
Information content (Safe Area**) should be 1/8" (0.125") away from trim line.

Please ZIP multiple files. (Select all files or folders, right click, choose "Send to...Compressed(zipped) folder)

For vector artwork
Adobe Illustrator EPS, AI, or PDF files.
Please be sure convert all fonts to outlines or paths.
Additional charges will apply for native artwork as they generally require additional time. (e.g. InDesign, Quark, Corel Draw, Office or Publisher)
For raster artwork
Adobe PhotoShop PSD, JPEG, TIFF, or GIF files are accepted. We recommend that raster files are at least 300 dpi to assure quality printing. We will not be responsible the quality of printing for low resolution artwork.

*Bleed is the extended image area of your print job, which is trimmed off, allowing the remaining image to go to the edge of the paper. We require an 1/8" (0.125") bleed, on all projects.
** Safe area contains all critical elements/information of an artwork that cannot risk being cut off. Generally, important information such as text, addresses, and borders should be at least 1/8" (1.125") from the trim line.

PrePress and Design

One of the most challenging and important elements of any project is taking the idea or vision and turning it into an attractive and effective print ready file.

We have grown and learned much over the years and currently support all the major programs on both platforms, and are capable of virtually any desktop assignment, from setup of a simple business card or logo to prepping the most sophisticated 4 color print or variable data project.

Listed below are the different methods available for on or offline file preparation.

Print Ready PDF Supplied:
This is the preferred method of receiving files. If uploading your own files, please be sure to review our file preparation guidelines below.

Non-PDF File(s) / Simple Setup:
This option covers up to 10 minutes of file correction/handling/improvement of your non-pdf and "native" files. It also includes basic typesetting and layout work, such as creating a business card using a logo you uploaded, or making minor changes to an existing pieces. One proof is included in the $12 fee; additional proof rounds would be subject to charge.

Avoid this additional fee by using our " FREE FILE CHECK ". We will let you know if your file will work, or if it needs additional attention.

Full Setup / Design:
 It is very easy to get started. Send us your copy in any standard word processing document, or even an email; include any photos, logos or other graphics you might want to use. Most importantly, let us know how you want it - we will do the rest. Billing is based on time and will be estimated for you prior to project start.

Please feel free to call with any questions or to let us know how we can help.

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