T-shirts are actually the BEST and least expensive form of advertising! Imagine your workers and customers walking around town in your T-shirt everyday! It is not only free advertising, but makes your company look established and professional. Ventura Signs has printed T-shirts IN-HOUSE for the past 18 years! No worries about us closing our doors or losing your artwork/screens. All of it is kept in-house and it makes your reorders easy! Once you pay the set-up costs, there are no set-ups on reorders.

Corporate Apparel

As much as we all hate to admit it, most of us form our opinions on our first impression. If a salesman walked into your office with an embroidered dress shirt, nicely dressed clearly identifying himself and another salesman came in with jeans and a T-shirt, which salesman would you be prone to speak with? Image is everything when it comes to business. A ‘uniform’ image is important to the value of your company.


Team Uniforms

We have done numerous Team uniforms in the past 18 years! From screen printing to Tackle-Twill to embroidery, we can outfit one team or a league of teams! We organize and bag all orders separately, saving you time! We can also number and print personalized names onto each team jersey. Call for pricing.


Hats are also a great form of advertising not only for your employees, teams, schools but to have as a giveaway to your customers! We offer embroidered or printed hats. Domestic and Overseas options for pricing and delivery.

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