West End Co-op | Promotional Items

You now have the availability to purchase from thousands of items... for a great cause!

The West End Co-op is part of the Greenville Health System. It's a small business establishment set up to provide jobs for past patients who have an acquired brain injury. It is also a "real-world" workshop that allows people with an acquired brain injury to be trained in a supportive environment. At the same time it is a setting for the patients in our program to perform work trials and further develop their therapy strategies.

It’s A Co-Opportunity!
When you do business with West End Co-op, you'll get excellent products at a reasonable price, and you'll give people recovering from brain injury the opportunity to regain work skills and their dignity. Proceeds from product sales are re-invested in the West End Co-op.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you and enjoy!