Why Disrupt Your Promotions?

The simple answer is to make an impact.  Promotions have to disrupt someone's attention. 

Doing the same ‘ol thing works the same ‘ol way.  After a while that same ‘ol way loses its impact. After a while, that same ‘ol way loses its impact. 



Disruption is shaking things up.  Doing something new and different.  Being creative.

 Many companies can  sell you  “stuff” to give out.  But what you really need are promotional ideas that will:

• Attract Attention
• Increase Awareness
• Stimulate Action
• Build/Reinforce Brand Image
• Reward Performance

That’s where Wolfpromo comes in. We provide you with creatively disruptive ideas, many of them using promotional products.

We don't do "cookie cutter"  recommendations.   We look at your objectives, theme, timing, art/logo, and yes—your budget (getting the most for your buck).  

You can find lots of items on this site.  Check them out while you're here.  And  you can probably surf around the net to find other companies with similar ones.  But we're not really an "online" company.  Contact us and we'll work with you to come up with best Disruptive Ideas that Work

Are you ready to Disrupt Your Promotions? Contact us!






Who’s Dave? 

Dave is the Chief Promotion Disruptor.  

He’s had a few years’ experience disrupting things in the marketing and promotional space.

When he was a corporate marketing manager, someone once umped a bag of items on Dave’s desk and asked, “Aren’t these great?”   Dave asked, “How will any of these really help my brand?” The response: “I don’t know. But aren’t they great?” 

That's when Dave decided that he needed to disrupt things. Anybody can sell stuff.  Dave isn’t just anybody. 

He started up his own company, Instead of selling “stuff” he began Wolfepromo with a focus on creating for his clients.  Dave is  a partner with his clients.   He looks out for their best interests.

That’s part of the Wolfepromo mission, too. Yeah, what a concept!    

Dave can add a bunch of  educational initials he's heard after his name:  BS, MBA, CAS (Certified Advertising Specialist) and BASI (Bachelor of Advertising Specialty Information)  He also was twice awarded the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) Golden Pyramid for outstanding promotional programs. 

Aside from the fun of finding new and disruptive ideas for clients, Dave enjoys reading, music (former drummer), power walking, and movies.  He also loves to do volunteer work and is particularly active in the Rotary International Youth Exchange Program. 






Dave and Wolfie are now ready to be disruptive for you.