Arnolds for Awards, Inc., is a full-service recognition and promotional products business that has been serving customers since 1970.  I is a family-owned and operated business located in the foothills of California between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe.  Mike and Sheri Arnold started Arnolds for Awards in over 45 years ago and attribute their success to excellent service, creativity, cutting-edge technology, and great employees.  The second generation, Kevin Arnold and Kami Arnold, grew up in the business and took over January 1, 2013.  Their knowledge, combined with that of other employees with 10 and over 20 years of experience, makes Arnolds for Awards THE place to shop for recognition products.

Arnolds for Awards has kept abreast of exciting new technologies and the changing needs of their customers.  Steady growth of the business has required two moves since their 500 sq. ft. rental within the local bowling alley.  In 1987, Arnolds for Awards, Inc., solved the persistent problem of cramped quarters with a landmark.  Their production facilities and beautiful showroom now occupy 4,000 square feet of one of the largest log buildings in California, located on Highway 50 east of Sacramento.