Welcome to (((((AMPLIFY)))))

Hello, I’m Tim, your Profit Impact Broker; this means I help influence the success of your business.  When it comes to AMP Tools (Advertising | Marketing | Promotion) we print on almost anything.  Fabric, plastic, food, metal, skin, glass, electronic, rock; give us the time and we’ll find a way to print your logo on the moon!  We optimize the ways to get your brand seen, heard, felt, smelt, and tasted.

With our brokerage’s connections to thousands of products, you don’t need to look far for all of your branded merchandise.  Thank you for browsing this website for promotional AMP tools.  Once you have a few ideas on your wish list let’s connect to optimize your purchase.  My email is tim@ampbroker.ca.

Do you also need contract printing?  Visit our print shop site at www.amptools.ca

Let’s AMP-up your business!

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